in ultra-modern times, where you are free to take control of the hand nature and genetics dealt. GEMINI Contacts™ is the premier, chic destination for alluring color contact lenses of the highest quality and functionality. We are devoted to offering products of uncompromising excellence and bringing new levels of performance and luxury to new and veteran wearers.


rule-benders. We like going against the grain. We like showing our friends the latest in style and fashion. We like dancing to new rhythms that charge us with energy to carry us late into the night. We are Gemini – aka “twins” or “alter-ego.”

The lenses you’ll find on our site will allow you to hone in on various personas and show others another aspect of yourself. Here at GEMINI Contacts™, we are a dedicated group of young, fashion-forward individuals that want to help you complete your daily look(s) by providing the best color contact lenses on the market.

Our founders are from Los Angeles and New York City, and their daily interactions with all the cultures in these cities have them uniquely fitted with all the proper tools to make your shopping experience both fun and enjoyable. Try a pair of our contacts and create an alter-ego in the blink (or wink!) of an eye.


by the beautiful, diverse cultures and characters of our world, GEMINI Contacts™ is committed to providing vibrant colors and designs to accommodate anyone’s style and individuality.

Your clothes and accessories fit your style – your eyes should, too.